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My passion is helping entrepreneurs and founders generate revenue through websites and Providing decision-making reports through data visualization. Which will give you tangible results and the work I do with you, will make you profitable.

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What I Do!

Web Designing

You will get an eye-catching design website for your business to generate sales more than expected. Such as B2B & Small Size, Portfolio, Blog site, etc.

Data Analyst

You will get decisions making reports about business Progress to help you generate more sales.

Figma Design

You will get an eye-catching UX/UI Figma design For applications, e-commerce stores, and Small/medium, size businesses to grab the attention of users via design.

WordPress Development

WordPress CMS is best for small to larger businesses with the lowest cost. I can develop any type of website using your Figma/PSD design if already designed with better speed and security.

Landing Page Dev

Great landing pages need to be designed with a definitive and clear goal, which starts with ideation and conceptualization. That’s why My passion is to deliver sales-generating landing page quality work.

Web Speed Optimization

Speed & Security play very important roles in development to give you secure and fast results. You will get a fast & secure website that will provide you with tangible results.

E-Commerce Store Dev

You will get a sales-generating E-commerce store With payment method functionality that will give you sales without any fuss.

Website Migration on GCP

Better Server, Better speed. I will move your website from one Server or another servers without losing any data as well as add security to protect spam things on your website. Plus, I moved the website to GCP, Hostinger, other servers, etc.

Tableau Visualization

As per provided data and you will get visualization tableau reports with facts and figures. that will you help you to make decisions for future growth.


Amir Malik was wonderful in assisting me with Google Cloud Platform troubleshooting. He is truly remarkable in his skills.

Bassam Abou-Ezzeddine, HRM Specialist

Amir Malik always seemed to know how to solve any of our computer problems. He quickly established himself as the go-to person for all our web development needs. Definitely recommended!

Ahmed ElShamy, Finfluencer

AmirĀ  Malik helped us create our website for a new business. With the Microsoft team call we were able to get the “feeling” we wanted when potential clients would see when they would come to our site. He was quick to respond to edits and to create a child theme for custom work that we wanted to see on the site and worked with us to create the site. We are very happy with this site and if you are looking for a freelancer who knows how to develop/design custom work a fast site then Amir is the man for the job.

Rana Waheed, MS (Information Security)

I recommend him for doing a great job! Thanks Amir Malik! Talk to you soon.

Jra Joshleen Manabat, Moller - Maersk

When it comes to web development, Amir has shown himself worthy of all skills needed to carry out a successful project.
Amir is the man for the job

Favour Hayes, Brand Designer

Amir Malik helped me with a really complex problem in which my client had two different websites, one built on web flow and another built on hyper dot co, and the Facebook pixel was struggling to track the data from one to another. And he was able to sort this problem out for me. So and he actually went above and beyond to fix this. So again, five-star reviews, and thank you, man.

Kai Ali, Montage Media

Great shoutout to Amir Malik who has an amazing and proficient WordPress skillset he is able to fix challenging issues effortlessly within one hour! he is an expert in WordPress coding, I have some misunderstandings at first and he is very sincere and patience explained to me and convince to me.

David, Herahair


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As a Freelancer WordPress expert, I charge $50 per hour for website design/development for any website as well as for data visualization reports.

Starting fixed price

If you’re looking to build a new website, my prices start at $2000 and may vary depending on the project’s specific requirements. Plus Free website migration and 1-year of Support

Data Analytics

As a data analyst expert, for small tasks such as data cleaning, dashboard creation, & data visualization, my monthly rate is $130. If you’re looking to build a new data analytics platform, my prices start at $1200 and may vary depending on the specific requirements of the project.

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