• Intro

    WordPress core, theme, and plugin developers regularly release software updates to introduce new features and address vulnerabilities. These updates reset functions.php file and CSS customization. So your customizations done through CSS and functions.php are reverted. On the other hand, the changes you make through theme changes and WordPress screen options stay.

    BIGGEST 2 ISSUES Creating a custom dashboard

    1.  WordPress update resetting customization
    2.  Unreliable WordPress plugins
  • WordPress update resetting customization

    WordPress updates can undo changes to your custom dashboard, so you always need to keep a backup of your website.

    Unreliable plugins

    Out-of-date and unknown plugins have a risk of backdoors and security vulnerabilities. Make sure you use trusted and up-to-date plugins to avoid it


    • Create a child theme & customize the login page and menus via the child theme.
    • Try to changes via WordPress screen options and theme settings. these changes stay there.