Optimize Google Cloud Cost Using 5 ways

(You can save money by using this method.)

What is Google Cloud?
Google Cloud offers services for computing, storage, networking, big data, machine learning, and IoT, as well as cloud management, security, and developer tools. One of the greatest benefits of running in the cloud is being able to scale up and down to meet demand and reduce operational expenditures. And that’s especially true when you’re experiencing unexpected changes in customer demand

  • 1. Get to know billing and cost management tools

    Due to the on-demand, variable nature of the cloud, costs have a way of creeping up on you if you’re not monitoring them closely. Once you understand your costs, you can start to put controls in place and optimize your spending.

  • 2. Only pay for the computer you need

    Now that you have better visibility in your cloud spend, it’s time to set your sights on your most expensive project(s) to identify compute resources that aren’t providing enough business value.

    • Identify idle VMs (and disks)
    • Schedule VMs to auto-start & stop
    • Rightsize VMs
    • Leverage preemptible VMs
  • 3. Optimize Cloud Storage costs and performance

    When you run in your own data center, storage tends to get lost in your overall infrastructure costs, making it harder to do proper cost management. But in the cloud, where storage is billed as a separate line item, paying attention to storage utilization and configuration can result in substantial cost savings.

    • Storage class
    • Lifecycle policies
    • Deduplication
  • 4. Tune your data warehouse

    Organizations of all sizes look to BigQuery for a modern approach to data analytics. However, some configurations are more expensive than others. Let’s do a quick check of your BigQuery environment and set up some guardrails to help you keep costs down.

    • (i)Enforce controls
    • Use partitioning & clustering
    • Check for streaming inserts
    • Use Flex Slots
  • 5. Filter that network packet

    Logging and monitoring are the cornerstones of network and security operations. But with environments that span clouds and on-premises environments, getting clear and comprehensive visibility into your network usage can be as hard as identifying how much electricity your microwave used last month. In fact, Google Cloud comes with several tools that can give you visibility into your network traffic (and therefore costs). There are also some quick and dirty configuration changes you can make to bring your network costs down, fast.

    • Identify your “top talkers”
    • Network Service Tiers
    • Cloud Logging