• ACF (Advanced Custom Feild)

    Advanced Custom Fields is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add extra content fields to your WordPress edit screens. These extra content fields are more commonly referred to as Custom Fields and can allow you to build websites faster and educate your clients quicker.

  • How to create Advanced Custom Feild

    • Install the ACF plugin
    • Create new fields
    • Create field content
    • Display fields in your theme
  • ACF in Movie Review Website

    A movie review website might use ACF to set up several custom fields, including Director, Year, Genre, Rating, etc. ACF makes it easy to add this data to each movie review, while Elementor brings the magic needed to beautifully display the data on the front end.

  • Real Estate Listing Advanced Custom Feild

    Real estate websites commonly need to use custom fields to allow them to display real estate listings, which must display data such as the Number of Bedrooms, Number of Baths, Size of Home, and Price. With Elementor’s/Avada Fusion Builder or others Plugins integration with ACF, this data can be stylishly displayed on each listing, with no coding required.